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“The world is getting smaller” but data is getting bigger. The detailed level of data that businesses need to consume is constantly evolving. At Momu, data is not just a buzz word, its collection and storage is at our core to help our customers perform at the highest level.


Data collection would be pointless without sophisticated systems to allow our customers to utilize that data. At Momu we develop our systems in line with the latest technologies to ensure that data processing can be done with the fewest computational elements possible.


Using current and historical data, our analytical teams help our customers make predictions about the future. By using a variety of statistical techniques, from financial practices to science and medicine, Momu customers are better placed to plan for the road ahead.

Who We Are

With a history dating back over 15 years, Momu Technology has a strong and robust heritage that has allowed us to sit at the forefront of our sector for that time. Momu owes that position to the talent and dedication of our employees. Principally based in Hong Kong and London, but with a global outlook, we provide a great working environment for creative, independent thinkers. If you think you might fit in, and you have strong academic credentials from a leading university, why not send us your details in our jobs section?


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